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About Us

Goldmark is a family run business which spans back more than 3 generations, and we have countless years of experience within the jewellery industry. So in this new age of internet retailing, we decided to launch a website that allowed you, as a user, to not only buy certified diamonds online, but to be able to view the certificates of each and every one.
  • The idea behind Goldmark is simple

    Goldmark UK Offer the most beautiful diamond engagement rings together with the finest laboratory graded diamonds, all at an extraordinary value. While the idea of selling fine engagement jewelry over the internet seemed strange back in 1998, Goldmark has now grown to be one of the largest and most successful of the UK's online diamond retailers.
  • The Highest Quality Diamonds

    It is estimated that less than 2% of the round diamonds sold in the UK today would qualify as "Signature" under GIA grading standards. At Goldmark however, over 90% of our customers choose diamonds from our "Signature" or "Excellent" categories. All of our stones come with grading reports from either the Gemological Institute of America or the International gemological Institute. These two organizations are the "gold standard" in diamond grading and the only option for discerning customers.
  • The Best Possible Value

    The Internet has changed the world. Never again will people shop for cars, hotels, airline tickets or even houses without first using the tremendous power of the Internet to educate themselves about these most important purchases. Goldmark was one of the first companies to recognise this change in the retail sector and quickly gained notoriety for offering diamonds to consumers at never-before seen discounts. By tapping into the virtual resources and global partnerships not before available, Goldmark consistently offers finely cut diamonds for hundreds to thousands of pounds less than traditional retail sources.
  • Personal Advice & Expert Education

    We pride ourselves on a database of over 6,000 loose laboratory graded diamonds. We pride ourselves even more on helping each and every customer determine which of those 6,000+ diamonds is their perfect choice. Our comprehensive "Education" section features an interactive demonstration of the importance of diamond cut, along with simple yet powerful tips and tools to help decide which diamond is right for you. If the answer you need couldn't be found on the Goldmark website, our expert staff are waiting to answer any question you might have. Most calls are answered immediately and every customer is treated like a personal friend.

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